15 de septiembre de 2010


Ilu mandada a un Call For Entries de Ubisoft, para un libro de Assassins Creed, y rechazada :'(

PRINT: Aqui/Here

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Dennis dijo...

The scene looks very good. Especially the color of the sky and the clouds are taking out a good rush of atmosphere.
But i think the boomerang looks a bit too "childish" or "anime-like" for a setting like Assassins Creed. Especially when you look at the design of the original weapons.

But anyways - a great picture :)

charlie dijo...

quiza es porke haya demasiado color para assassins creed pero me sigue gustando :D

Fampi dijo...

Puede que tenga razón con lo del boomerang. Pero el dibujo se sale.